QUOTE: Elle Magazine

Elle magazine editor-at-large put out a call for immediate reactions following the debut of Beyonce’s Lemonade

But this don’t even have to be about Bey & Jay. She did this for all of us. The album and the visual art alongside it became a representation of the betrayal, anger, and despair that Black women (at least me personally) feel from the world and feel from Black men collectively and individually. But she didn’t leave us in that hollowed out space. By the time she gets on that stage in the yard and started belting out FREEDOM before the mothers of slain sons I thought. “Anybody else just wanna run in these streets and break everyone’s chains?” When it was all over I sat on my couch and “…only church folk will understand this. You know that high you feel after the spirit moved? That’s me right now, just rockin” on my couch.
L Joy Williams