L. Joy Williams


Strategist | Advocate | Speaker


 L. Joy Williams is a highly sought-after political strategist, public speaker, and social justice activist.

With well over a decade of experience in politics, and over fifteen years in public speaking, L. Joy has made a name for herself as a respected, intelligent voice in modern politics.




M.M.LaFleur - Woman of the Week

“My overall purpose is not just to advocate for people, but to empower them to advocate for themselves. I want to give them the tools and information to understand how their government works and how they can have an impact on issues like policing, healthcare, and education.”


City & State New York

“The powerhouse strategist and political commentator has deep roots in progressive politics. After advising Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial campaign last year, she’s been a vocal leader pushing for recreational marijuana legalization and decriminalization and what reparations for slavery would actually look like in the 21st century.”

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Black Girls Create

“When I’ve been rejected or if I don’t fit in somewhere, I think that there have to be other people that feel the same way. So you’re not only creating space for yourself but you are creating space or creating something for other people who may not have the courage or may not even know that they can create something.”